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Machine Usable Waste






Machine Avoidable Waste




Easy to Install



Easy to install and silent operation.




Low Maintenance



Low maintenance cost.




Eco Freidndly



No secondary pollution.




The Biodegradable Irony

Food decomposes by itself in nature. However, it is one of the largest components in landfills, accounting for nearly 50% of all municipal solid waste. There is more food in landfills than diapers, styrofoam, and tires — combined.
Landfills produce methane, a harmful greenhouse gas 21 times more potent than carbon dioxide (according to the US EPA), and leach toxic chemicals into our air and drinking water.

Varahahaa Description

The entire machines is constructed out of staineless steel. The composting chamber has an internal means of mechanical agitation.

The chamber has an oil jacket with substantial insulation and well sealed inlet and outlet doors to minimize energy consumption. The system is equipped with an odour management device to control odour associated with the composting process...