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Varahahaa - Machine Description

The entire machines is constructed out of staineless steel. The composting chamber has an internal means of mechanical agitation. The chamber has an oil jacket with substantial insulation and well sealed inlet and outlet doors to minimize energy consumption. The system is equipped with an odour management device to control odour associated with the composting process. The utility requirements are only :

1) An electrical connection and

2) A condensate drain line(Provided).

There is no unpleasant odour and no waste water. The decomposing chamber is capable of producing 60-70 degree celcius during processing to ensure that the end product has a mild odour and is free of harmful bacteria. The end product can be considered as a soil amendment suitable for use in gardens.


Fruits,vegetables,its peels,Poultry & Fish, Egg & Crab Shell, Chicken, Meat, All Bakery items, Fast foods, MEals left-over and garden wastes.

Rubber,Metal,Glass,Cigarettes, Batteries, Big bones,Plastic bags,medicines,chemicals,hard & iron objects, coconut shell,tree branches,clothes,tapes & any inorganic materials.